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This book is in Spanish.


Many are shop blind when it comes to their lives; sometimes they do not know the mistakes they are making and some do not have the friends, family, leaders or mentors to give them feedback or perspectives. If we are what we eat, we are also what we think. Invest in yourself, you are your best resource. With this practical reading you will get the perspectives for a growth and prosperity mindset.


In my work I specialize in training and developing people in high positions, but I have also done it at all levels of an organization and it does not matter if it is a matter of leadership, management, sales, customer service, marketing, it does not matter if They are entrepreneurs, businessmen or professionals, they all have limiting thoughts and to improve and prosper as a professional we need to improve as people first; we need to improve our mentality which is what commonly limits our potentials.


PS At the end of the book you will find a satisfaction survey with which when you fill it out you will have the right to a free 15 minute consultation to guide you in your professional career.



Author information:


I am Luis Marino , consultant and continuous improvement coach and I improve leadership, marketing, sales and customer service practices, to have a better organizational development and increase the profitability of the company with strategic planning.


My motto is: people first, mission always.


My work is based on Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen and Genchi Genbutsu, which are structured methodologies to eliminate errors, waste and create standardized continuous improvement.


My mission is the mission of my clients, to prevent future problems and eliminate current ones, creating integrated solutions that they can count on to serve their clients without problems and earn more money.


My vision is an educated, trained, prepared and empowered Mexico to have profitable, responsible and professional companies with first world practices.

Improving My Personal Development

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    • 131 Páginas.


    • Idioma en Español.


    • No se requiere conocimientos especiales para beneficiar y lograr los objetivos.


    • Atención: Al comprar este producto recibirá un enlace para descargar el cual tiene una vigencia de 30 días por lo tanto por favor descargue el archivo tan pronto pueda y guárdelo.


    • Precio no incluye IVA.


    • Encuentre en las fotos adjuntas el indice e introducción del libro.


    Esta edición es para venta exclusiva por el autor.

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