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About me

as a consultant and coach of continuous improvement for business profitability.

¿Qué hago?: About


Luis Marino

I specialize in achieving prosperity at a high level by controlling everything that can beat my clients anywhere from their processes, their quality and their work culture.

For me, failure is not an option and we are not here to make small advances; If I start a project with you, it will be to go for everything because a mistake that companies make is to think that everything is fine, but if they think that, then they cannot make continuous improvement; and all departments have to participate because you are only as strong as your weakest link.

Coach de negocios Luis Marino
Coach de negocios Luis Marino

Why I do what I do?

I have personally seen the great benefit of running profitable companies and having a culture focused on human potential.


I'm not doing it for fame and not for money; I improve professional practices because my true interest is to share my strategies and my vision to have empowered Mexicans to create a better lifestyle, but skill is not the biggest obstacle, culture is; That is why my motto is people first and mission always.

Just as the success of engineering does not depend on technology, but on the tenacity of its leaders; The success of your company depends not only on your processes, but on the ethics and mental prosperity of its members.


If you want to have the best organization either hire or develop the best professionals, but never leave it until it is your last option. Be proactive towards your prosperity.

Taller de liderazgo con Coach de negocios Francisco Luis Marino

I live a continuous improvement and therefore I am a continuous student not only to learn more disciplines, but to master my strengths and keep them relevant to the adversities of today and more importantly ... those of tomorrow.


For me, leadership, LEAN and organizational development issues are not an adaptation to the "novelty" because I grew up seeing and living them in my family, my known universe at high levels of business, government and academic. It is an important context for you to know me because for me they are not a list of things to do, it is what I think and it is who I am and if you read my books or listen to my podcast you will discover that I am the person who prepares you to solve your problems, but I demand that you grow and I push you to prosper.


If you want or need to grow your company, it is essential that its leaders grow and improve because your culture is what you stand and allow.

I live in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico but I attend companies internationally where Spanish and English are spoken.


Visit my services section to know how I can help you increase your profitability and improve your organizational development.

I have had the privilege of working and collaborating with:

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Colaboraciones de Coach de negocios Luis Marino

Practice areas

Kaizen, L6σ, Genchi genbutsu

Standardization of processes and quality to create continuous improvement.


Ethics, effective communication, problem solving, planning and training are the bases to lead effectively.


Together with Marketing, the correct strategies are determined to select the appropriate sales methods and their tactics.



Creation and development of products and services as well as verification of strategy to align the purpose with the actions.


Organizational development

I attend my projects in a multidisciplinary and comprehensive way to achieve real improvements and prosperity because the actions of one department can have repercussions on another.


Strategic planning

Identification, creation and management of projects not only business, but departmental and individual. Everyone must master goal setting, priority management, obstacle anticipation, and continuous improvement framework.

My process to start

If your organization requires improvements in various processes, levels and departments, you require a project to attend to each situation in a personalized way.


The general steps to get started are as follows.




Proceso de proyecto de coach luis marino

What some customers say:

"Excellent, you make us see from the most internal and simple,

to the tip and complexity of our project. "


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